Commercial Buildings

The Pearl Apartments, Malaysia utilises Radcrete's System Approach

Radcrete’s Malaysia distributor and applicator, Visage Environ Sdn Bhd won this prestigious project as they could offer the “Radcrete System approach” - Radcon Formula #7 for above grade areas and Radmyx as an admixture in below grade areas.

Radcon #7 was used on the trafficable podium decks, swimming pools, water features, rooftop and planter boxes.

The prestigious new Pearl Apartments in KL utilises the Radcrete System Approach.

18,000 square metres

Transamerica Expo Centre, Sao Paulo Brazil

The “Transamerican Expo Centre” in Sao Paulo is one of the most recent site references from our long term Brazilian distributors, Netherland Engineering.

This is one of Brazil's premier exhibition centres offering a huge exhibition area of 33,000 m².

Radcon Formula # 7 waterproofs Brazil's premier expo centre.

12,000 square metres

Industrial project in Singapore chooses Radcon # 7

Radcrete’s distributors in Singapore, PQ Farben have recently waterproofed the rooftop of this commercial property with Radcon Formula # 7.

The owners of the property wanted to ensure that they had low overhead costs for the life of the structure and that they did not experience any water leakage as it will be used primarily as a dormitory for their workers.

Industrial accommodation building wateproofed with Radcon # 7

1,000 square metres

SGH Distribution Centre, Japan

This huge distribution centre is yet another recent Radcon Formula # 7 site in Japan. All sorts of vehicles (and lots of them) are expected to pass through this site every day.

The area of the application is over 10,000 square metres. Not only will these areas be waterproofed but they will also be protected as Radcon Formula # 7 delivers a surface as hard as granite. No wearing slab (screed) is required, saving money and engineering.

Distribution Centre in Japan waterproofed and protected by Radcon Formula # 7

10,200 square metres

Rokugo rooftop, Japan

The roof of this very large shop has now been protected by Radcon Formula # 7.

Located in the Kanagawa Prefecture (south of Tokyo), it will be exposed to every weather condition therefore any product used here must be robust and able to withstand every sort of thermal stress imaginable.  Radcon Formula # 7 is a trusted name as it has been waterproofing concrete in Japan since 1993.

Radcon Formula # 7 waterproofs another commercial rooftop in Japan

1,650 square metres

Banco de Crédito del Perú

Massive amounts of cracks (some being structural) were found in two podium slabs on this site. This is a problem found in every country. A "system approach" is often the best solution and this involves a combination of Radcon and ancillary products.  Where structural cracks are encountered, the use of a product such as Flexible Cement 2 is often used to complement Radcon and provide a total waterproof solution.

Radcon Formula # 7 solves Banco Credito de Peru's waterproofing problems

7,000 square metres

45 year old slab still in perfect condition!

"The base concrete slab is now in the order of 45 years old and there is no sign of corrosion of reinforcing steel or concrete spalling – I’m sure that Radcon has played a very big part in the protection of these concrete surfaces." Matthew O'Hearn, BE FIEAust CPEng NPER RPEQ RBP(Vic)

Radcon # 7 has been waterproofing this apartment in the exclusive suburb of Mosman for over 12 years. At the time of application the building was over 30 years old.

This Sydney slab is over 45 years old and shows no signs of deterioration!

500 square metres

University of Philippines

The UP North Science and Technology Park, a 20,000 sq metre facility, is a joint project between University of the Philippines and the Ayala Foundation, located in the historical district of Ermita, Manila.

Radcon formula #7 was chosen for protection of the 32,000 sq metres of deck areas and it is the third specification for the Ayala Land Developers in Philippines.

CLIENT:  Ayala Land Inc.
APPLICATOR:  MB Technosolutions

Radcon waterproofs the deck arreas.

32,000 square metres

West Trade Centre, Philippines

Radcon Formula # 7 has been applied to the roof deck of this desirable property, The West Trade Centre in Manila. The residents of this elegant development will never have to worry about any leaks from the rooftop.  Unlike capillary waterproofing, Radcon Formula # 7 can withstand thermal stresses so it is ideal for this type of application.


Radcon Formula # 7 waterproofs Roof Deck in Metro Manila

1,050 square metres

Paseo Circle, Philippines

The rooftop of this beautifully designed building was waterproofed by Radcon #7.

It is the thoughtful design from respected architects  Arch. Eugene Panaguiton that saves the client money in the long term.  The owners of this building will never have to worry about a leaking roof unlike many other building owners who will have to spend thousands after their cheaper membrane has deteriorated.

Radcon will continue to waterproof the concrete and re-seal any hairline cracking that may occur many years into the future.

Radcon waterproofs another Roof Deck in the Philippines

590 square metres


Waterproofing Concrete for Life.

Capillary Waterproofing System 

Water repellent for porous concrete

For concrete hardening and dustproofing