Product Description
RADMYX™ crystalline waterproofing provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly system which gives total waterproofing protection for the life of a concrete structure.

RADMYX™ reacts with the hydration products of cement to form crystals within the cracks, pores and capillaries of concrete structures – thereby effectively blocking the passage of water. RADMYX™ can be added to fresh concrete as an admixture or applied onto an existing surface as a slurry.

Not only does RADMYX™ enhance the quality and durability of the concrete, it causes the concrete to become permanently self-sealing and water pressure resistant: thereby effecting great cost savings in labour and maintenance during construction and for the life of the structure.

Key Benefits

  • Provides lifetime waterproofing for concrete
  • Seals initial and future cracks to 0.4mm
  • Simple – Added to fresh concrete as an admixture and applied to existing structures as a slurry
  • Low risk - unlike membranes which can delaminate, deteriorate or puncture
  • Speeds construction times – Back-filling can commence immediately
  • Efficient – Speeds construction, saving money
  • Works positive and negative side
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly - non-toxic, VOC free, safe for potable water

Suitable Applications

  Ground Slabs
  Roof slabs (in certain conditions)
  Diaphragm Walls
  Water Holding Vessels
  Wastewater Structures
  Retaining Walls
  Swimming Pools

How it Works
What does Radmyx do? Active chemicals in Radmyx react with the by-products of cement hydration to form insoluble, fibre-like crystals. These crystals fill the cracks, pores and capillaries in the concrete and stop the flow of water and resultant leakage through the concrete.

How does Radmyx do it? It is the process of osmosis that enables the Radmyx crystals to migrate through the concrete. Osmosis is where compounds of higher concentration move through a semi permeable barrier (concrete) to areas of low concentration. The crystals produced by the reaction of Radmyx move from their highest concentration - i.e. as applied to the surface (slurry) or distributed through the matrix (admixture) - to where they are needed most, that being where the water is present to reactivate and stop the leakage.

Radmyx can be mixed into "Readymade" form then used as a dry shake material broadcast on to slabs and worked into the surface during the finishing operation by helicopter.