Chloride Ions Ingress is concrete's most destructive enemy.  Radcon Formula # 7® has a unique way of stopping them from causing reinforcement corrosion.  Firstly, as weater and chlorides enter the Radcon Formula # 7® treated zone, the gel swells and stops further ingress.  Secondly, the gel is highly alkaline which helps to maintain the alkalinity of the concrete which is important in maintaining the passive layer on the reinforcement.  This gel seals cracks and microcracks that are would normally be direct paths for water and chlorides to attack the embedded steel.

Key Benefits:

1.  Reduces Cloride Ion diffusion by 89%.
2.  Reduces water permeability by 70%.
3.  Equivalent to reduction in w/c ratio of 0.1 to 0.2.
4.  UV and Chloride resistant.
5.  Seals both cracks and matrix.
6.  Consolidation effect in the penetrated zone.
7.  High Alkalinity maintains passivity to steel.