Is Radcon suitable to waterproof all concretes?

Radcon will produce lifetime waterproofing on all cementitious concrete mix designs.
Suitable concretes include OPC, PPC Ash free blends, Type C ash blends and  slag blends. Concrete mix designs containing silica fume should be limited to 8% cement replacement.         

AVOID pozzolanic concrete mixes. These concretes contain either Type F ash addition or Volcanic ash, leading to matrix lock up of free calcium in concrete thus impeding Radcon from sealing any new cracks which may occur in the future. Radcon cannot compete for free calcium if it simply doesn’t exist!

In Europe, Type W fly ash is rich in calcium (and therefore suitable for Radcon) whilst Type V fly ash is strong pozzolanic and should be avoided. Details of this are available in the European Norms which deal with cement and are covered in EN-197.

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