What happens if the concrete cracks after achieving a watertight treatment applying Radcon?

Providing the concrete is cementitious in nature (calcium leaching prone) we have University documented evidence showing one off settlement cracks up to 1.00mm occurring without actual water egress from the underside of the slab (University of New South Wales)
As this one off settlement took place, during rain periods Radcon was growing as the crack itself grew.
This is further evidenced in Earthquake zones of Taiwan, Saipan, (Newcastle Australia).
Earthquakes dislodged Radcon sealed concrete sites allowing some leakage through already present cracks.
Rainwater itself allowed repair to take place within a couple of days, so no remedial repairs were required.
In essence Radcon remains re-active in concrete repairing any future cracks or tears providing the concrete has free calcium and wetting periods for re-growth.


Radcon Formula #7®
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