What would be a generic specification for the Radcon technology in tender documents?

The Material shall be a clear colourless, odourless, sodium silicate based material as globally supplied by Radcrete Pacific or their nominated global agents.
The material shall react at ambient temperatures with free lime present in the concrete forming non-water soluble complex calcium silicates which are chemically resistant compounds that fill the pores of the surface and sub-surface concrete including any leaking cracks present to produce a continuous sub-surface membrane with outgassing properties.
The material supplier must be able to produce a Federal Government certification confirming the materials ability to conform to the equivalent of a protective surface coating Clause 4.3.1(c) of AS3600 Concrete Structures Code to ensure you are purchasing a genuine waterproofing technology and “NOT” a generic sealing material only.
Suitable waterproofing certifications would include BBA certification, EU certification or Australian Government certification by CSIRO Technical Assessment.
Once applied the material will have the capacity to re-seal any newly formed cracks as may appear, preventing both water and salt ingress to all reinforcing, prevent concrete spalling and prevent freeze/thaw damage.

Radcon Formula #7®
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