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Established in Sydney in 1987, it was Radcrete Pacific's mission to provide the constuction industry with a simpler and more effective way to waterproof concrete.  Since then Radcon Formula #7® has successfully waterproofed and protected tens of millions of square meters of concrete worldwide.  The products remarkable performance matched with straight forward application makes it the most efficient, economical and low risk choice for concrete waterproofing. Furthermore Radcon #7® carries "Green Waterproofing Certification" which can not be issued for traditional concrete waterproofing materials.

Radcon Formula #7® was first developed by Dr. A.W Smith in 1975, a scientist nominated for a Nobel Prize.  Dr. Smith utilised his knowledge in the medical field to transform a basic silicate based material into one that could react in the matrix and cracks of concrete in a similar fashion to how cuts heal in human skin.

This remarkable innovation means that Radcon #7® will remain active in concrete, constantly re-activating to achieve its lifetime waterproofing performance.  It does this by utilising occasional moisture to react with freshly liberated free calcium in concrete in a continuous cycle. This ensures future hairline cracking remains watertight even under conditions of high thermal stress.  Our extensive testing and on-site experience backs up this claim and we have not found a single product that can match this performance. 

Radcon Formula #7®'s impressive track record of performance began in 1975, thanks to the inventor's original sites; and now the product is being used in over 45 countries.   Beware of imitations!  Many basic silicate based materials without the Radcon #7®'s special technology and without crack sealing capabilities have both entered and left the market claiming waterproofing ability.  These companies often make outrageous claims of equivalence to Radcon #7® and inevitably fail. 

The only way to ensure you are receiving a genuine Radcon #7® waterproofing technology is to deal directly with Radcrete Pacific Sydney or our nominated global representatives as represented on our website.

To provide further innovation to our customers, Radcrete has developed other class leading materials such as Radmyx crystalline waterproofing for below grade applications, Radguard water repellent for exposed facades and Radseal for floor hardening applications. 

With Radcrete Pacific you now can solve the problem of concrete waterproofing, simply, cost effectively and reliably.

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