Apart from a Radcon waterproofed low cost end result, does the product deliver other tangible construction benefits?

The other tangible benefits utilising Radcon can be both significant and varied.
a)Low cost application – Radcon can be applied very fast when compared to traditional membrane detailing work.
b)Fast Track Construction – Often in wet climates the need to have all moisture removed from the concrete prior to placing a non-breathing material over the top can add significant time delays. By comparison Radcon can be applied as soon as the concrete surface is visually dry.
c)No Mechanical Damage – Once applied Radcon cannot be damaged by other trades on site.
All too often perfect membrane applications can be damaged by other trades leading to cross- arguments concerning guilty parties with a probable outcome of everyone loosing out to some degree.
d)Major Savings on Construction and Engineering – For example car park Radcon applications go straight onto the structural slab. Alleviating the need for a structural topping slab, saves time, money and Engineering requirements.
The same is true for rail bridges where topping slabs over the waterproofing are not required as ballast stones can be placed straight over the Radcon treatment of the structural slab.

Radcon Formula #7®
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