Are there similar products to Radcon amongst other silicate based materials?

Radcon is unique in the world of waterproofing and has remained as such for its 27 year + history to date.
There are many similar sounding silicate based materials in the market-place however, none are certified to meet membrane specification with regard to preventing totally water ingress and salt ingress reaching any top line reinforcements in particular where leaking cracks are present.
Most reputable suppliers are very honest in promoting the limitations of their sealer products in general. However there are also a handful of operators globally who claim to have products that perform the same as Radcon.
Concerning these pirate companies you may find our Radcon site references, our own proprietary test results and direct copyright plagiarism within their product brochures.
“Buyer Beware” as these silicate materials can create an initial seal even with leaking cracks present.
However as the silicates dehydrate crystals will form thus transmitting water during rain periods.
By comparison Radcon will maintain its elastic, amorphous gel within the concretes matrix and cracks, preventing water, airborne pollutants and salts penetrating.

Radcon Formula #7®
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