Can coatings be placed on Radcon #7®

Obviously by now you will probably have established that Radcon #7® is a product with living characteristics and is a water activated material.

 All water based paints and water based acrylic membranes should “NOT” be placed directly over Radcon #7® treated concrete.

 If you are using a water based acrylic membranes for detailing penetrations, strip seals etc, then complete this work first on your concrete structure, allow to cure in full, then proceed with Radcon #7® waterproofing.

 The only other warning on coatings is “AVOID” alkyd line-marking paints.  These paints are designed to sit on the surface of concrete with minimal absorbency into concrete. As Radcon #7® has reduced absorption substantially, line- marking paint will tend to sit on the surface and delaminate.

 Your options such as strip seals, is to do your line marking prior to Radcon #7® application or “ideally” apply Radcon #7® to the entire area, then use a turpentine or spirit based yellow paint for line-marking. 

 As absorption is substantially reduced these approaches will produce similar results as if a line-marking paint had actually been applied.

 Other coatings, either cementitious or spirit based, turpentine based paints will suffer no loss of adhesion.

Radcon Formula #7®
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