How RADMYX Works

RADMYX™ achieves its self-sealing capability through a unique formula utilising the capacity for regenerative crystal growth.

RADMYX™ can be added to the concrete as an admixture or applied onto an existing surface as a slurry. The active chemicals in RADMYX™ react with the cement particles in the concrete (in a similar way to cement hydration itself) to form insoluble, fibre-like crystals. These crystals fill the cracks, pores and capillaries in the concrete to stop the flow of water and resultant leakage through the concrete.

The active chemicals within RADMYX™ remain dormant in the concrete indefinitely. Once these chemicals again come into contact with water – for example, if there is a crack which allows water into the concrete – the chemical process is re-activated and continues to grow crystals through the concrete, sometimes reaching many centimetres in length.

This ability to constantly re-activate in the presence of moisture guarantees the concrete will achieve 100% waterproof capability for the life of the structure, as the concrete now has the capacity to self-seal on a continuous basis.

The reason that the crystals are able to continue to grow indefinitely is because the process is similar to the hydration of cement itself. Only a very small portion of the cement reacts during the initial hydration of the concrete. Therefore the vast majority of the cement particles are unreacted and in the future it is these particles that RADMYX™ react with effectively.The RADMYX™ particles are the catalyst for a bigger reaction in the concrete. Because RADMYX™ is added to the concrete as a pure concentrate, unlike other crystalline products which are typically diluted with sand and cement, there is more actual crystalline available and its ability to continue producing crystals in the future is superior to others.

The crystals themselves are not just made up of RADMYX™ they grow from the reaction caused by RADMYX™ and the unreacted cement particles. Only a tiny amount of RADMYX™ is needed to react with the cement particles and grow into long, narrow crystals through the concrete. Because such a small amount of RADMYX™ is used creating crystals and the balance remains dormant in the concrete until further cracks develop, the RADMYX™ is never used up, allowing it to continue for the life of the structure.

Due to the fact that RADMYX™ causes the continuous growth of long, narrow crystals within the concrete even if it is applied to one side of a wall as a slurry, it can grow through the entire thickness of the concrete and provide waterproofing on the other side of the structure.

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RADMYX crystals

Comparing RADMYX untreated concrete (top) with a treated sample (bottom) in an immersion test

RADMYX seals future hairline cracking