If Radcon is the miracle product how come it hasn’t been brought out by some global giant?

Radcon has always remained a privately held technology during its 27 year history.
If one studies the company takeovers within the waterproofing industry over the past decade it has been almost exclusively large companies taking over large companies.
This practice has been driven by the need to achieve economies of scale i.e. buying market share, closing factories, reducing staff numbers and deleting brand name product lines.
In a construction industry where innovations such as Radcon should be embraced, in fact the opposite is true.
Membrane companies look forward to their retrofit business, asphalt suppliers see their product scraped off bridge decks for membrane replacement.
Reinforcing suppliers are happy to see steel rust and concrete suppliers are happy to see 100 year design life criterias reduce substantially into our 21st century.

Radcon Formula #7®
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