RADMYX: What are the benefits of Radmyx as opposed to membranes?

The crystalline growth technology of Radmyx provides many advantages over traditional membranes:

  • Radmyx does not need a dry surface; in fact, a wet surface is a requirement.
  • Radmyx can be applied in wet weather.
  • Radmyx does not require costly surface preparation
  • Radmyx does not deteriorate, puncture, tear, or come apart at the seams.
  • Radmyx does not need any protection during back filling, or during placement or steel, wire mesh, and other materials.
  • Radmyx can be applied on both the positive and negative side of a structure.
  • Radmyx does not need any form of sealing, overlapping and finishing of seams at corners or edges.
  • Radmyx does not need reapplication, nor future maintenance, as it remains active for the life of the structure.
  • Radmyx does not emit VOC’s.
  • Radmyx is less costly and more environmentally friendly as it never needs replacing!
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