RADMYX: What makes Radmyx unique as a concrete waterproofing product?

The environmentally sustainable crystal growth technology of Radmyx brings significant efficiencies and differences to the capability of concrete waterproofing.  This technology ensures Radmyx has greater capability than traditional membranes and cementitious coatings.

  • Radmyx crystalline structure integrates with the entire concrete matrix to ensure water penetration and chemical ingress is stopped. 
  • Radmyx reacts with the hydration products of cement to form crystals within the cracks, pores, and capillaries of concrete structures, effectively blocking the passage of water, to provide a 100% watertight seal for the structure. 
  • After the crystalline process has successfully waterproofed the structure the active chemicals in Radmyx remain dormant in the concrete.  Subsequent contact with water will reactivate the regenerative crystal growth technology. 
  • Radmyx is completely resistant to hydrostatic pressure as it has no dependency on surface adhesion for its complete waterproofing capability.
  • Radmyx is not subject to any form of deterioration.  Radmyx is integrated into the very structure of the concrete.  It is a permanent component which continuously reacts in the presence of water, thereby, providing lifetime protection to any concrete structure.  
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