What effects do temperatures have on Radcon’s sealing performance and re-sealing capabilities?

Radcon must be applied above 5°c to ensure there is no moisture frozen inside the concrete to be treated. Furthermore Radcon can only react with free calcium and water to create it's chemical seal with the temperature being 5°c or above.

In very high temperatures around 40 degrees Centigrade Radcon will encounter increased evaporation prior to soaking into the concrete, resulting in product wastage. To avoid this it is recommended that where possible spray Radcon in the early hours of the morning when the concrete will be cooler. Additionally use whatever methods are possible to increase evaporative cooling so that the concrete temperature is lower prior to application. This will minimise any wastage.  
Once Radcon has been properly applied, temperature becomes irrelevant making the product suitable for sub-zero or high-heat applications. This has been proven by numerous Radcon done in the intense heat of the Gulf region of the Middle East and the freezing temperatures of Eastern Europe.

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