What life expectancy can be expected from Radcon waterproofed concrete incorporating the Radcrete System approach?

Let us define a Radcon system approach to total waterproofing.
This will include Radcon treatment to the concrete material.
Penetrations and construction joints can be addressed using materials such as RX Waterstop from American Colloid company Chicago.
Utilising such bentonite clay materials is complimentary to Radcon in achieving lifetime waterproofing results overall.
Should expansion joints be required these may require 20 year maintenance periods.
However, whenever upturns at expansion joints can be achieved with a physical barrier over the top such as a metal sheet, then again this design approach can form part of an overall lifetime maintenance free system.
Radcon product lifetime performance is confirmed by the Australian Government testing authority CSIRO. This report can be found in our password protected segment titled “The Virtuous Cycle of Radcon”.

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