Sao Paulo GRU International Airport, BRAZIL

RADCON Formula # 7® – fast tracking construction of the new T3 Passenger Terminal at the São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport.

RADCON proved to be the uncontested waterproofing alternative for this 11,000 square metre raised pre-cast platform, with application completed in 15 nights – allowing for subsequent asphalt coating - time significantly shorter than minimum of 60 days required for traditional membrane application,

RADCON Formula # 7® – fast tracking construction of the new T 3 Passenger Terminal at the São Paulo Airport in BRAZIL.

11,000 square metres

Radcon Formula # 7® waterproofs Adelaide airport, Australia

Adelaide, well known as the city of churches is one of the most beautiful in Australia. This quickly expanding city is also upgrading parking facilities at their international airport.

Adelaide Airport receives Radcon Formula # 7® waterproofing

1,300 square metres

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Some older Radcon Formula #7® airport site references.

 Airport Site References

Some older Radcon Formula #7® airport site references.


Dominica Airport in the Caribbean

Radcon Formula #7 has been applied to the rooftop and the control tower of Melville Hall Airport in Dominica. The area covered is approximately 6,503 sq feet.

As it is close to the ocean and on the coast of an island it is exposed to everything from salts, aviation fuel, high winds and thermal stresses. Radcon was the ideal product to give it lifetime protection.

Radcon protects Melville Hall Airport at Dominica in the Caribbean

590 square metres

Grosseto Airport, Italy

Radcon has been applied to the "Hangar North" area at Grosseto Airport where it was used as a testing ground to to solve the problem of concrete surface deterioration.

Even though the speed of the aircraft in this area is limited and rarely exceeds 30kms per hour, the types of the aircraft varies from the Airbus A-300, the Gulfstream, the Falcon 900 and the F104 weighing from 10,000kg to 140,000kgs.

Radcon used on aprons and taxiways at an Italian military airport

5,000 square metres

Fiumicino Airport, Rome

Officially known as Leonardo de Vinci Airport, Fiumicino was opened in 1961 and has served as Rome's primary airport ever since.
It is Italy's largest airport, serving over 35 million passengers per year and is located in Fiumicino, 35 km from Rome's historic city centre.

Rome's Leonardo de Vinci Airport (commonly known as Fiumicino) is protected for life with Radcon waterproofing

35,000 square metres

Miami Airport, USA

This structure was more than 25 years old and in need of refurbishment, with the objective of realising at least a further 50 years of service life at a minimum.  There were several issues to overcome with high humidity, a salt environment, many deck areas susceptible to ponding and contaminants including jet fuel residue.  The existing deck areas and ramps were media blasted where possible and the remaining areas high pressure washed.  Any existing cracks over 2 mm width were epoxy filled.

Radcon provides long lasting protection at Miami International Airport 

United States
34,590 square metres

Radcon waterproofs the King Abdulaziz International Royal Terminal, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah himself opened the newly renovated Royal Terminal at Jeddah International Airport on 29 December 2007 in Saudi Arabia.

The project upgrade included a platform for official receptions covering an area of 8,500 sq metres, of which 3,500 sq metres were solely allocated for royal receptions.

A huge conference hall with advanced facilities was also erected during the construction works which were carried out by the Saudi Bin Laden Group.

King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
8,000 square metres