Basement or Substructure

Prouds Warehouse, Australia

Prouds is the largest jewellery chain in Australia operating some 160 stores throughout the country.  A new warehouse is currently under construction at their head office location in Summer Hill, Sydney.

Uniseal were commissioned to treat the suspended slabs and balconies of the structure and because the client was looking for a "belt and braces" approach decided to combine Radcon #7 and Radmyx technologies to achieve a life-time waterproofing result.

Radmyx application at Prouds warehouse, Sydney.

1,500 cubic metres

Radmyx waterproofs the basements of Asimont Villas in Singapore

The Asimont Villas in Singapore are very high-end properties in an exclusive area of Singapore. Accordingly, the developer needed to choose the best waterproofing possible. Radcrete’s local distributors, PQ Farben had Radmyx specified on all below grade areas of the project. Radmyx was utilised as an admixture for the basement areas and was also used as a slurry coat on the retaining walls. It is the higher concentration of active ingredients in Radmyx, (compared to its competitors), its flawless track record and versatility that gives Radmyx the edge.


Radmyx waterproofs the basements and retaining walls of the exclusive high-end Asimont Villas in Singapore

2,200 cubic metres

Radmyx waterproofing for Elemen residential towers, Malaysia

Radmyx™waterproofs the basements of Elemen residential towers in the Genting Highlands, Malaysia

10,000 cubic metres

Rosetti Business Centre in Bucharest protected from underground water

Rosetti Business Centre is a modern serviced office complex situated in the sought after 2nd District in the heart of Bucharest.

RADMYX Capillary Waterproofing System was the chosen waterproofing material for the two underground levels of the structure as there is a significant ground water problem. The client wanted to ensure this was not going to be an issue into the future.

RADMYX was added to the concrete mix design prior to the concrete pour, during which 10 pumps had to be deployed to maintain underground water levels below the construction.

RADMYX chosen to protect basement of Rosetti Business Centre in Bucharest, Romania from underground water.

1,400 cubic metres

Radmyx protects Shibli Centre in Lebanon

Again AM3 Paints, Radcrete's distributor in Lebanon and Al Inmaa Co have combined forces to complete this impressive residential complex.

It is not only the outstanding performance of Radmyx but also the ease of use and competitive pricing that allows this successful relationship to keep on blooming. Using Radmyx enormously reduces the risk of failure by making the concrete 100% watertight.   

Radmyx and AM3 Paints waterproof another basement in Beirut

408 cubic metres

Radmyx used on Dar al Safa buildings, Lebanon

Radmyx has again been chosen by the Architect Ahmad Ramadan to be used on the Dar al Safa residential complex on the airport road in Lebanon.

The simplicity of using Radmyx is in itself a huge selling point. The concentrate is added to the concrete truck at the batching plant, supervised by the approved applicator.

Radcrete's exclusive distributor in Lebanon, AM3 Paints has developed a close relationship with the Contractor, Al Inmaa Co.

Radmyx again on apartments for Al Inmaa Co, Lebanon

750 cubic metres

RADMYX™ in Lebanon on the Al Hadath Al Jamea buildings

This expansive apartment complex relies on RADMYX™ to keep the below grade areas free from the ingress of water.

Architects Ahmad Ramadan specialise in designing large residential complexes and following lengthy research they are now specifying RADMYX™. Testing has confirmed that the high active ingredient of RADMYX™ has yielded the best possible waterproofing results: all sites being completely leak free.

RADMYX™ protects the Al Hadath Al Jamea buildings in Lebanon

838 cubic metres

Radmyx protecting the Dagher & Kazan Residential development Lebanon

Lebanon has found itself in the midst of a development boom with many products vying for attention in this vibrant market.

The developers did their research and in the end chose Radmyx as the waterproofing agent for the basement and substructure of this large residential development in Choueifat, Lebanon. They were looking for a product that is effective, environmentally friendly, competitively priced and easy to apply.

Radmyx on basements & sub-structure in Choueifat, Lebanon

450 cubic metres

Basement Site References

 Basement site references

Some previous Basement site references.

2001 -2010

Montemor Warehouse, Portugal

Montemor warehouse is a logistics platform for Cofanor, a drugs distribution company in Porto.  This warehouse was built to better service their clients located in centre of Portugal.

Radcon and Radmyx were applied to the slabs and walls of the building to provide lifetime waterproofing. Backfilling can occur directly against the walls with no form of protection needed.

Radcon & Radmyx used in waterproofing.

8,590 cubic metres