Bridges and Tunnels

Nelson Mandela Bridge, South Africa

The Nelson Mandela Bridge, a centre piece of the Blue IQ rejuvenation project in South Africa, quickly became the newest landmark of the gauteng province.

Verni Construction, the long-term and experienced Radcon #7® distributor for the region, treated the bridge deck ensuring lifetime waterproofing and increased serviceability to this spectacular structure.

Radcon #7® protects Nelson Mandela bridge.

South Africa
284 square metres

Tomei Highway, Japan

Radcon #7® called to the rescue of a new raised highway segment in Japan.

The Number 2 Tomei Highway is a part of the busiest expressway in Japan, located west of Tokyo.

The first sections were opened as early as 1968 and today it covers more than 320 kilometers connecting Tokyo and Nagoya.

The newly erected raised segment, constructed by Shimizu Corporation, exhibited water leakage issues.

Radcon #7® application on a bridge deck in Japan.

5,000 square metres

Madinat Zayed Overpass, U.A.E.

Madinat Zayed overpass is another 'living proof' of Radcon #7®'s faultless track record in the Middle Eastern region.

Ove Arup & Partners have used the product on projects in Asia and Australia and were aware of its ability to reseal future hairline cracks.

This makes Radcon #7® ideal for protection of structures exposed to thermal stress and weight loading, which may cause flexural deflection.

Radcon #7® also maintains watertight seal and protection without any future need for repair.

Radcon #7®lifetime waterproofing in UAE.

680 square metres

Baneasa Underpass, Romania

As part of the government's effort to streamline traffic on the main airport route in Bucharest, a new six lane Baneasa underpass was introduced.

Given the location near the centre of the city, the client was looking for a reliable waterproofing solution with short application time.

Baneasa Underpass Bucharest.

2,500 square metres

Calmette Bridge Vietnam

Radcon #7® has been the preferred bridge deck waterproofing solution in Vietnam for some 20 years now.

The contractor, OBAYASHI, knew from previous applications that only Radcon #7® can delivery unique lifetime waterproofing performance even though it will be subjected to high termal stress and load conditions.

Radcon #7®treated bridge deck.

10,549 square metres

Tarif Interchange Abu Dhabi

Tarif Interchange proves RADCON#7’s  performance on a raised interchange near Abu Dhabi

Tarif Interchange Abu Dhabi

2,000 square metres