Honda Dealership, Brazil

Netherland Engineering in Brazil have recently utilised Radcon #7®to waterproof the trafficable rooftop of one of the Honda dealerships in Brazil.

Following a great deal of investigation and research, the clients decided Radcon Formula # 7®was the most cost effective and reliable way to waterproof their trafficable rooftop.

Radcon #7®waterproofs Honda Brazil

3000 square metres

Sagami-Ono Station, Shopping Centre Carpark, Japan

The environment is a leading factor in the decision making process in Japan's construction industry. Radcon Formula # 7® has been a common choice in this process for over 15 years now.

Japan's Sagami-Ono Station carpark chooses the world's most environmentally friendly waterproofing - Radcon Formula # 7®

2,200 square metres

Car Park Site References

Some older Car Park Site References

 Car Park Site References

Some older Car Park site references.


Robinsons Cybergate, Philippines

Robinsons Cybergate Centre Tower 3 is a newly developed 29-storey office condominium located in the hear of Manila - Mandaluyong City.

It is the latest addition to the Robinsons Land Office Building Division certified by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority).

This government agency encourages development of world-class, environmentally friendly, secure and competitively priced Special Economic Zones.

Radcon Formula #7 was applied to the multi-storey car park providing lifetime waterproofing and durability benefits to the treated surfaces.

Radcon waterproofs carpark in Metro Manila

3,000 square metres

Notre Dame High School, Lebanon

This slab had significant cracking prior to Radcon application, with water leaking into the carpark below.  Radcon was applied to the surface and it has sealed the cracks and stopped all further leakage. 


CLIENT:  Notre Dame High School, Kfarchima, Antonine Sisters in Lebanon.

CONTRACTOR: Elie El-Helou Establishment

ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS: Chadi Massaad & Associates

AREA TREATED: Surface / platform above underground parking

Radcon waterproofs rooftop carpark.

1,000 square metres

BPO Global City, Philippines

Q. How to ensure a car park has a low maintenance bill for life yet still be pristine? A. Apply Radcon Formula #7®!

Effortless maintenance thanks to Radcon #7®on car park, Philippines

1,300 square metres

East of Galleria, Philippines

Radcon Formula # 7® has been used to protect carparks all over the world.

On this large commercial building in the heart of Manila, the car park was certain to endure lots of ongoing traffic and required treatment to protect it and ensure that it served out its design life.

Radcon Formula # 7® waterproofs and protects a very busy car park

1,800 square metres

Oakwood Ortigas, Philippines

Radcon Formula # 7® is ideal in the humid and hot environment of locations such as Manila.

Here, Martin Fortes and his team have ensured that the car park in this new building is not only watertight but also low maintenance.

Radcon Formula # 7® does not allow penetration of oils, grease and fuel into the concrete, making it easy to clean and giving it a longer life with a lot less unsightly, not to mention dangerous stains.

Radcon Formula # 7® waterproofs another Car Park in Manila

1,460 square metres

The Link Manila


The Link carpark was built alongside Greenbelt, one of the most famous shopping centres in Manila. It is located at Ayala Centre in Makati, the business heart of the city and is surrounded by shopping centres, five star hotels and luxury apartment buildings.

Radcon #7® waterproofs carparking deck in Manila's major shopping centre

3,100 square metres

Iguatemi Shopping Centre in Salvador, Brazil

Radcon Formula #7® treatment for the rooftop and exposed car park of the Iguatemi Shopping Centre in Salvador was concluded in January 2007.

The area was required for the centre's grand opening and therefore left the authorised applicator - Aterel Ltd, with only 3 days to waterproof an area of 3,850 sq metres.

As there are department stores and other parking spaces located below the treated area, it was crucial to guarantee a 100% watertight result.

Radcon #7® on rooftop car park in Brazil.

3,850 square metres