Monuments and Facades

Sultan of Brunei's mosque still perfectly waterproof 22 years on

Despite being waterproofed way back in 1991, Radcon Formula #7® is still providing leak free waterproofing to the Sultan of Brunei’s mosque.

Twenty two years of waterproofing is nothing for Radcon #7® which will continue to keep the mosque dry and leak free for years into the future.

The Mosque at the time of waterproofing in 1991

Crown Prince of Brunei visits Radcon Formula #7® exhibition

1,600 square metres

St Georges Cathedral Lebanon received Radcon Formula # 7® treatment

Following many meetings with the architects and builders, it was finally decided that Radcon Formula # 7® was the best product to be used on the bell tower of the St George cathedral in Beirut. Radcrete's distributor in Lebanon, AM3 Paints were very proud of winning such a sensitive and important project. 


Lebanon's St George cathederal is now protected by Radcon Formula # 7®.

2,000 square metres

Pileta China - Fountain of China, Lima

The  restoration of this historic fountain in the Peruvian capital Lima saw Radcon Formula #7® being applied to all concrete on and around the fountain ensuring its protection for life!

Radcon Formula #7® will stop the ingress of water and salts into the concrete as well as air-bourne pollutants.

Radcon Formula #7® protects this beautiful and historic fountain in Lima

500 square metres

Older Monuments and Facades

Please find a collection of Radcrete Newsletter stories on various monuments and facades that have been treated with Radcon Formula #7.

 Monuments & Facades

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Infant Jesus Church, Philippines

Radcon is renown for protecting concrete, now it is protecting the facade of the "Infant Jesus" church in the Philippines.  This elegant old church will no longer be discouloured and age prematurely by smog and other harmful pollutants.

ARCHITECH:  In-Church Architect
CONTRACTOR:  MB Technosolutions
APPLICATOR:  MB Technosolutions

Bell Tower Dome of a beautiful church is waterproofed by Radcon

465 square metres

Our Lady Sanctuary, Italy

Radcon Formula #7 has been called to the rescue of a facade with concrete that is more than 50 years old at the our Lady Sanctuary in Syracuse, Italy.

All the concrete surfaces first had to be water blasted and treated with acetic acid.

The facade was then treated with Radcon #7, followed by a polyurethane resin coating and took one year to complete.

Our Lady Sanctuary in Sicily protected forever with Radcon

33,000 square metres

Museum of Art & Archaeology Portugal

Radcon Waterproofs Architectural Masterpiece in Coa Valley Portugal

Radcrete Pacific’s distributor in Portugal was called on to waterproof the country's newest cultural landmark. No other product could achieve complete waterproofing without compromising the artistic quality of this amazing structure.

Architectural Masterpiece in Portugal

6,243 square metres