Water Holding Vessels

Radcon Formula #7® waterproofs cooling towers at Sidra Hospital, Qatar

Sidra Medical and Research Centre is one of the most prominent sites in Qatar for Radcon Formula # 7®. It was applied to the interior of the concrete cooling towers of this ultra-modern facility.


We worked very closely with the engineers and architects to ensure the best possible product was utilised. No other product was able to guarantee no leakage of the towers for the life of the concrete.

Radcon Formula #7® waterproofs cooling towers at Sidra Hospital, Qatar

3,400 square metres

Suzano Pulp & Paper company, Brazil - salt water holding tanks

The Suzano Pulp and Paper Company is one of the largest eucalyptus pulp companies in the world. They pride themselves that they use renewable forestry base paper products, making them a leader in this industry and globally respected. Suzano have several plants located around Brazil, this one is located in Mucuri, Bahia.

Radcon Formula #7® protecting salt water tanks in pulp mill, Brazil

5,000 square metres

Radcon Formula #7® stops leaking from sewage tanks, Saudi Arabia

It was not until after these tanks were filled with industrial sewage that the client realised they were leaking.

Radcon Formula #7® stops leaking from sewage tanks in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
10,350 square metres

MPX Itaqui Brazil - Salt water tanks

This thermoelectric plant located in Sao Luiz in the north east of Brazil uses sea water in its cooling towers - it is on all surfaces inside these towers that Radcon Formula # 7® has been used to protect the concrete tanks against the ingress of chloride.

Brazil - Radcon Formula # 7® protects sea water cooling tanks

5,000 square metres

University of Lima, reflection pool

The  the University of Lima is a private University which now  has over 10,400 students, ten schools, a postgraduate school, a general studies program and a scientific research institute, along with many services for students, faculty, and the community at large.

Lima University reflection pool.

1,000 square metres

Water Holding Vessels

Radcon waterproofs water holding vessels.

 Water Holding Vessels

Water Holding Vessels waterproofed


Radmyx waterproofing tanks in Al Raha Beach Development, UAE

The Al Raha Beach Development is one of the largest and most prestigious in the UAE. Located only 20 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi city centre; it covers a total area of over 6 million square meters along 11kms of coastline.

Within the development there are two large irrigation tanks, R1 and R2, each containing 3,000 cubic metres of water storage.

Radcon Formula # 7® and Radmyx team up to  fix leaking water tanks.

United Arab Emirates
3,000 square metres

Manila Water

This water storage tank holds 10 million litres of drinking water. Radcon was specified to waterproof this impressive structure from the very beginning of the project.

No other product could offer this level of waterproofing that was:

  • Easy to apply
  • Non Toxic
  • Cost effective

Radcon his certificated for potable water in numerous countries.

Radcon waterproofs Manila potable water tanks

2,050 square metres

Wahooo! Water Park, Bahrain City Centre

RADCON #7 lifetime waterproofing holding 2 million litres of water above a shopping centre.

Developed by Majid Al Futtaim, creators of the Dubai ski fields, the Wahooo Water Park is without a
doubt the most anticipated entertainment venue in Bahrain.
RADCON Formula #7 has successfully sealed all water holding areas of this biggest indoor/outdoor
‘aqua-park’, with wave pools, flow rides, and a host of other aquatic facilities.

Water Park over shopping centre

18,500 square metres

Sharqiyah Desalination Plant, Oman

RADCON #7 for Veolia desalination plant in Oman.

The Sharqiyah Independent Water Project is a $173 million desalination facility, the first of this kind in the country.

RADCON Formula #7 has been selected for treatment of its water holding areas spanning some 60,000 sq meters.

Desalination Plant in Oman

60,000 square metres