Bridges and Tunnels

High-Speed Railway Bridge

When Radcrete’s Managing Director last visited Sweden in 1996, fly ash concretes were well established and used exclusively in infra-structure.

In the harsh Swedish environment it soon became apparent, particularly noticeable in bridges not even coming close to anticipated design life!

Mr Byrne has been warning the construction industry of premature concrete deterioration caused by fly ash cement replacement for years, but so far only the Swedish authorities have listened and recently abolished use of blended concretes on infrastructure projects.

RADCON  Formula #7® returns to waterproof new high-speed railway bridge in Linköping, Sweden.

380 square metres

Sir William Goodman Bridge, South Australia

Heritage listed, 2nd oldest reinforced concrete girder bridge in South Australia was repaired and restored with RADCON Formula #7®.

The Sir William Goodman Bridge, located between Holland Street in Thebarton and Manton Street in Hindmarsh, was consructed back in 1908 as the only tram bridge in Adelaide.

Radcon protection for the heritage listed Sir William Goodman Bridge in Adelaide..

300 square metres

King Abdullah bridge, Saudi Arabia

The prestigious King Abdullah Bridge, located within the Riyadh City region, was a landmark development.  Being located in the tough Gulf environment, it was important to the constructors that all products can withstand such extreme conditions whilst still able to perform.

Harsh Gulf climate no problem for Radcon Formula #7®

Saudi Arabia
35,000 square metres

Radcon Formula #7® waterproofs Nhat Tan Bridge, Vietnam

Constructed by Japanese construction giants IHI and a joint venture of Sumitomo-Mitsui and Vinaconex, the Nhat Tan bridge is part of an 8 lane highway that will link Hanoi city with Noi Bai International Airport.  The total project is 8.3km long with 1.5km in cable stayed bridges spanning the Red River.


Radcon Formula #7® the best choice to waterproof Nhat Tan Bridge, Hanoi

100,000 square metres

Izumino Rail Bridge, Japan

Radcon Formula # 7®’s reputation in Japan is indisputable; it has been applied on infrastructure all over the country for 20 years now.

 We have decided to visit earlier applications to showcase the ability of Radcon to stand the test of time.

 This rail bridge is located on the Sagami Railway’s Izumino line located in Yokohama. The area covered is 1,200 sq mtrs and was completed in 1997.

Izumino Rail Bridge, Japan gets Radcon Formula #7® waterproofing.


Alpini Bridge, Belluno, Italy

This elegant bridge located in the Alps in the Northern region of Italy was a perfect candidate for the use of Radcon Formula # 7®.

 It is regularly exposed not only to ice and snow but to de-icing salts and the heavy machinery associated with keeping the roads clear in these areas.

This Bridge in the Alps of Italy is now protected by Radcon Formula # 7®

5,000 square metres

Croatia - Toll ways in Komin, Ludbreg and Varazdin

These toll ways in Croatia were recently repaired and treated with Radcon Formula # 7® by Radcrete's exclusive distributor, GIFIKS. In all, three sites were treated, Komin, Ludbreg and Varazdin, totalling 2,600 sq mtrs

Toll ways in Croatia protected from chloride ingress by Radcon Formula # 7®

3,600 square metres

Bridges Site Reference

Some older Bridge site references.

 Bridge Site References

Some older Bridge site references.


CRH/UBH Interchange, Trinidad

The Churchill Roosevelt/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange is one of the NIDCO's (National Infrastructure Development Company Limited) mass transit solutions to the ever increasing traffic congestion problem in Trinidad.

Lifetime protection for highway.

9,014 square metres

Super Highway, Vietnam

Radcon #7 is a well known product to the Vietnamese road authorities.

It is actually their preferred waterproofing solution for bridge deck protection and so far has been used on many bridges through out the region.

The latest project currently under way is a 58 km long Super Highway connecting Ho Chi Minh City with the Long An and Tien Giang provinces.

In order to preserve rice plantations in the surrounding areas, 25 km is raised above the ground level.

Radcon protecting Vietnam's first raised freeway.

15,000 square metres