Eco Friendly

Suarga Sustainable Boutique Resort, BALI

RADCON's eco-friendly credentials, green label certification from Singapore and Ecospecifier certification from Australia, made it the obvious choice for Suarga's waterproofing needs.

Suarga Resot is the world's biggest wood recycling project, built from FSC certified materials, designed to be completely off the grid, running on solar power only.

Radcon # 7® eco-friendly wateproofing for Suarga sustainable resort in Bali

3,000 square metres

368 Thomson Tower, SINGAPORE

368 Thomson Tower is a 36-storey condominium project, designed with a variety of communal facilities for the residents of its 157 apartments.

Dragages Singapore were both the architects and builders for this project, focusing on improving productivity and as leaders in precasting they achieved a six days per floor construction cycle during the building phase.

Radcon # 7® - for the signature 368 Thomson Tower project in Singapore

5,300 square metres

The Pearl Apartments Malaysia utilises Radcrete's Eco Friendly waterproofing

The Developers of this prestigious Malaysian project had lots of “green” areas within the development and were looking for environmentally products to use throughout the project.


Radcon Formula #7® ’s eco-friendly properties help “green” The Pearl apartments, Kuala Lumpur


18,000 square metres

Water gardens and fish ponds in Singapore

This ornamental water garden and fish pond was incorporated into the design of this modern bungalow by WOHA Architects in Singapore.

We are very proud to be an environmentally friendly company with all our products being non-toxic.

Water Gardens and fish ponds in Singapore waterproofed with Radcon Formula # 7® .

200 square metres

Stamford Grand North Ryde Sydney

Radcon Formula # 7® project of 25 years and still not a leak!

1,500 square metres

Older Green Roof Tops

A look at some of the older ecologically friendly sites done with Radcon.  Most of these are either green roof tops, raised podiums or raised sporting fields.

Older Eco Friendly sites

Older Green Rooftops and Eco friendly sites around the world


CHIJMES, Singapore

This site was built in 1854 as Singapore's beautiful old mission school, formerly known as CHIJMES, which has been transformed into a haven for fine dining and shopping in the heart of Singapore's heritage trail.

On this project Radcon Formula #7 was applied to some 3,000 sq mtrs of waterproofing of the suspended concrete decks.  The areas include the two levels of internal courtyard.

Firstly the sunken courtyard section, which is suspended over the basement carpark.  This section has been completely filled and features a water fountain.

Radcon waterproofs planters, fountains and landscaped areas at a trendy entertainment area in the green city of Singapore.

3,000 square metres

Casa no Geres, Portugal

This stunning 60 sq mtr home the "Casa no Geres" was designed by Porto based architect, Gracia Correia and her Italian partner, Roberto Ragazzia.  It is located in the heart of Portugals Geres National Park by the Cevado River.

Radcon Formula #7® has been applied to all the concrete to ensure that it remains waterproof, there were no other products that could offer this level of protection whilst being as environmentally friendly as this home.  This is the perfect opportunity for Radcon to show off it's capabilities.

Radcon #7® high level of waterproofing.

60 square metres

One Leicester Condominiums

One Leicester is an 18 storey, ultra modern complex of exclusive apartments recently opened in Singapore.

It offers its residents 194 stylish urban design units surrounded by an elegant glass facade and sunning views of the surrounding areas.

All the planter boxes were waterproofed with Radcon Formula #7 which once again adds to the Radcon Green cordentials.

Radcon Formula # 7 has been applied to the podium deck, the pool, the planter boxes, the entrance drop off section and the adjoining water feature.

Green Areas in luxurious condominiums.

2,000 square metres

National University of Singapore

Radcon Formula # 7 has a long history of being applied to bridge decks around the world.

In Singapore, all the bridges have planter boxes to enhance the green image of the city.  Accordingly, Radcon was recently applied to the planter boxes of the NUS (National University of Singapore) bridge, which links two campuses of the University on opposite sides of a freeway.

Radcon has been used on many green applications and on numerous bridges, so the above project was a perfect fit.

Bridge Planter Boxes keep Singapore green

3,000 square metres