Hotels and Resorts

Radcon for luxurious resort on Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Meno Project is a secluded seaside resort comprising of 82 luxurious villas nestled along the beach or lakeside in this picturesque island setting.

PT Cipta Solusitama Internacional, Radrete's representative in Indonesia, applied Radcon Formula #7 to all the rooftop and planter box areas.

Radcon protection for the Gili Islands project in Indonesia.

5,342 square metres

Brava Beach Resort, Brazil

This Radmyx project is promising to be one of the most notable in the south of Brazil! Its features a 200 metre frontage of clear Blue Ocean and a backdrop of lush green mountains.

The basement of this development is below the water table so required a product that would be able to cope with this and not, at any point undergo degradation.

Radmyx & Radcon waterproofing system at work in Brazil

50,000 square metres

Trinidad Hilton

Radcrete’s long term distributor for the Caribbean recently completed some of the waterproofing for the newly refurbished Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre.

The decision to waterproof the structural concrete areas within the kitchens with Radcon # 7® were made as it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cost effective and little down time is experienced for application.

Radcon #7® specified and applied to upgade of Trinidad Hilton

350 square metres

Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus

Radmyx was applied to the suspended slabs, swimming pools, tennis court, potable water tanks and planters of this five star resort in Cyprus.

6,546 cubic metres

Trou Aux Biches Hotel Mauritius

Another five star resort in Mauritius protected with Radcon. 

5,000 square metres

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts waterproofed with Radcon #7.

  Hotels & Resorts

Radcon Waterproofs Hotels & Resorts.


Mariott Courtyard Hotel Trinidad

Marriott have hotels in 67 countries around the world with more than 3,000 in America alone.   When they decided to build a new Marriott Courtyard in Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain, Radcrete's representative naturally recommended Radcon for use on the exposed concrete roofs.  One of the advantages to the client is that Radcon lasts indefinitely and thus there is no on-going maintenance cost to them, meaning they will not have to have empty hotel rooms whilst waterproofing is re-done in 5 or 10 years time.

The new Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Trinidad is waterproofed by Radcon #7® 

2,500 square metres

Yas Hotel, United Arab Emirates

The Yas Marina Circuit, described as one of the most exciting Formula One tracks in the world, will reveal its array of unusual features to over 55 million spectators in November 2009.

The track runs through the 5-star Yas Hotel, an iconic grid shell structure projecting programmed lighting and image sequences visible for miles around.

Yas Hotel waterproofed with Radcon #7® .

United Arab Emirates
5,000 square metres

Rosewood Corniche Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The newly erected Luxury Rosewood Corniche Hotel in Jeddah fianlly solved once and for all any potential waterproofing issues in the final stages of the construction.

This spectacuar hotel is in the centre of the Corniche, a popular waterfront area said to be one of the most spectacular places in Saudi Arabia.  It features over 400 open air sculptures and the gigantic King's Fountain, situated opposite the Al-Salam Palace.

Luxury Rooftop pool protected by Radcon #7® 

Saudi Arabia
500 square metres

Crystal Beach Resort, Saudi Arabia

Crystal Beach Resort is yet another privately own establishment recently opened in North Obhur, Saudi Arabia.

Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, it is a popular spot for divers and water enthusiasts offering rich marine life and unspoiled diving spots.

This exclusive recreational complex offers amongst other facilities a pool area which was in need of a reliable and permanent waterproofing solution.

Radcon #7® waterproofs pool and surrounding podium

Saudi Arabia
500 square metres