Sporting Arenas

IDU Tennis Arena, Romania, celebrates 7 years of protection by Radcon Formula #7®

It has now been 7 years since our Romanian distributor; Mr. Mihai Afteni applied Radcon Formula # 7® to the IDU Tennis Arena in Constanta, Mamaia on the Black Sea coast.

Radcon was the chosen product for this project as they needed to waterproof the concrete stands which have a series of rooms below, no leakage would be acceptable. This area is susceptible to high humidity as well as very cold winters.

7 years of success on the IDU tennis centre, located on Romania's Black Sea

1,000 square metres

Sporting Arenas

Radcon waterproofs sporting arenas.

  Sporting Arenas

Radcon waterproofs sporting fields


Stadio Alberto Braglia, Italy

The Alberto Braglia Stadium receives Radcon #7® lifetime protection.

The recently refurbished stadium located in Modena, Italy was originally built in 1936 and is currently home to Modena F.C.

Radcon #7® was spray-applied on the pre-cast stands after an acetic acid wash removing an residual release agents and opening up concrete pores to ensure required penetration.

Stands were further fitted with seating and coloured slip resistant resin surfacing.

Radcon #7® treated stands.

15,000 square metres

Stadio Euganeo, Padova

Radcon # 7 was applied to 8,000 m2 of in-situ stands during a complete renovation of the stadium.

Completed with new seat fittings and slip resistant resin coating, it now accommodates fans of the Calcio F.C. and numerous International sporting events. 

Radcon Formula # 7 forms a gel-like membrane inside the concrete, it therefore withstands thermal stress and does not get damaged by UV rays.

Euganeo Stadium in Padova

8,000 square metres

La Caja Magica

The ever changing La Caja Magica in Madrid lights up for the ATP Tour.

RADCON #7 application at the Magic Box tennis stadium in Madrid. La CajaMagica(the Magic Box), a brand new tennis stadium opened for the ATP tour in Madrid, is build from sustainable materials, promoting sustainable development in conjunction with one of Spain’s most popular sporting events.

La Caja Magica, Tennis Stadium in Madrid

3,500 square metres